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          Digital Enterprise Architecture

          Cloud Computing Model and SOA

          Enterprise Architecture, SOA, and Cloud Computing -> A Cohesive Solution

          The New Generation IT Operating Model 

          Enterprise System Modernization

          Big Data and Knowledge Management

          Foundation-Based Approach for Shared Service and Cloud Computing

          Enterprise Mobile Solutions

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          Architecture for Knowledge Management (New!)

          Enterprise Architecture

          Shared Service and Cloud Computing Best Practice, Governance and Lifecycle Management 

          SOA Best Practice, Governance and Lifecycle Management      

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          A Platform on Cloud for Education on Demand

1. Enterprise Architecture and SOA (paper)

2. The New Generation IT Operating Model (paper)

3. Inter-Enterprise Architecture for Common Service and Cloud Computing Adoption (Paper)

4. Big Data, Knowledge Management, and Enterprise Architecture (blog)

5. Enterprise Mobile Solutions (blog)

6. Cloud Computing Model and SOA (blog)

7. Cloud Computing and SOA from Enterprise Perspective (presentation slides)

8. Integrate IT Strategic Planning with Performance Management (presentation slides)

9. The Impacts and Solutions Associated with Agile Software Development Approach (presentation slides)

10. Service Oriented Architecture Solution Reference (paper)

* More publications and articles on LinkedIn Pulse

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Yan Zhao, Patents, Publications, Presentation List